... it began in 1946
A String Quartet with a long History
Lifetimes of developing and
nurturing a Tradition of excellence
Now playing together
for more than one decade
4 Instruments: One Quartet
4 Musicians: One Sound
4 Minds: One Vision
Fresh, Modern, Versatile
As Words are to Languages,
so Notes are to Music
Demanding the highest standards
of performances to be
enjoyed and understood
From the Past to the Present
with the strongest will to represent
and serve Music and
the String Quartet literature
Direct successor of the
Hába Quartet Tradition
The ultimate Challenge:
to be Innovative, here and now
As well as to approach Music
in all style epochs
To reveal the Sense of the piece,
to grasp the true Intention of the
Composer and to touch with Music
“Music is to be listened to”

Leoš Janáček
String Quartet No. 2
"Intimate Letters"

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